Black Box Resonators

Spyder and Cone

Black Box Spyder Style Cones, Coverplates and Kits

Black Box Spyder All our components are hand crafted from the highest quality materials. The heart of a Black Box Spyder Style Ukulele is the cone. Black Box supply only the Delta Resonator Spyder-style Cone. Like all Delta Resonator Cones, these are hand-spun from high-grade aluminium.
We sell Black Box Cones, Spyders and Coverplates separately or we can make you up a complete kit to transform your instrument. Find details of prices and how to order here.

The Spyder-style Cone

hand-spun aluminium cone

This could be a direct replacement for all Dobro-style Resonator Ukulele cones without the need for adjustment as they are dimensionally the same. The sound is clear and bright with good sustain. The cone comes complete with a stainless-steel Alan-head screw and Alan key.


hand-spun aluminium cone with spyder

We supply two types of spider, our own Black Box Spyder design and a standard Dobro-style spider fitting. Both types feature a carbon fibre bridge. Obviously, we recommend the Black Box Spyder, but it's your choice.


black coverplate

The Black Box Coverplate is our own design. It comes in two finishes, black or copper nickel plate. Each has a removable hand-rest and string termination, all held together by top-quality, flanged, domed Alan-head screws.